Weekend Adventures with Mikey

I live for the weekends and the time I get to spend with Mike. Monday through Friday we see each other occasionally, but usually it is when I am dropping him off at work at 7:00 a.m. (I MUST love him), or after work for a few minutes before he goes home. His living situation is not the best, he has no private space really, hence his search for a better living environment. But I digress, so most often on the weekends I try to create fun things for us to do, and mostly on a tight budget. This past Saturday, a friend and a former co-worker had posted on Facebook that they were having a garage sale at their home in Florida, NY so I thought this could be a nice drive, and a chance to introduce the two. So, Saturday morning I dropped Mike at work, went grocery shopping, got home, did some chores and then back out to pick up Mike for the day’s adventures.

Our first stop was meeting our friends down at The Scotia Diner for a light lunch. I have posted a Yelp review about this place, and once again it was great. Our friends Christina and Robert joined Mike and myself, and Mike being a creature of habit, got the same sandwich he got last time, a Nomad (picture a Reuben w/o sauerkraut), I got a BLT because I hadn’t had one in a while. Christina was saddened by the fact they did not have a soup available as they close early on Saturdays (3:00 p.m.), and as a pregnant lady, soup is her friend right now. Robert ordered a chicken parm sandwich with a side of buffalo sauce, to make it a buffalo chicken parm, and odd thought at first, but he did explain that he enjoys buffalo chicken pizza, so it made sense, well at least to him. Our conversations with Christina and Robert are always great and often lead to laughter. At one point I think both Christina and I had Mike concerned that both of us were ready to poke his sides to make him squirm because of things he had said/done (he had threatened to steal a mozzarella stick from her… don’t mess with a pregnant lady’s food).

From the Scotia Diner, we put the address in Waze to head off to the garage sale and it had plotted out a bizarre route in my opinion. Their address was on Route 30 in Florida, NY, and I thought it would have lead us back onto I-90, to the Amsterdam exit, and than back tracked a little ways, but no, it wanted to take us over the river and through the woods, and I am glad I did. At times the roads were VERY steep and windy, however most often the views of the valley were well worth it. You could see land for miles and miles, and it was beautiful. This ride was one more reason that if I ever have the funds to move out into the country, I would like to do so. I would also like to own something four wheel drive before I do so, so that I may travel out of the hills and mountains when I need food and supplies. Eventually we did reach out destination, and got to say hello to Pam, and her family and check out the garage/yard sale. Mike immediately spotted something he liked, two old cameras, probably from the early 60’s, both in pretty decent condition. One was still working, the motor still runs, and the other had a beautiful leather case, and with some cleaning up, might work as well. Both Mike and myself share a love of old photography equipment, and I am sure will have quite the collection of cameras displayed if there comes a time where we are under the same roof. Both resembled what use to be called a Browning camera, with the crank on the side, and multiple lenses. Mike also found a knock off Dabbawala can, or at least he thought it was. So, I offered $20.00 for all three items, and a deal was made. We waited for Pam’s husband to come home, because also part of the days adventures were to head out to a Farm Stand that Pam & Bob had taken to me a year or more ago. Pam said that Bob could give us good directions, and that it would be easy to get to.

With Bob’s directions given (Google Earth/Showed a route, nothing written down), we headed out Route 30 to Exit 27, and back down I-90, Eastbound to Exit 25A, to take it to Cobleskill, and 145S. We were headed to Middleburg, and the directions were pretty easy. Although the battery in my phone did not last, we were able to locate the Farm Stand. It is owned and operated by a little old Romanian lady, who’s stand is feet away from Route 145S in Middleburgh NY. We approached and no one was there, so at first we thought we had missed our opportunity, however there was a small sign that said to ring the bell if they were not there. We took a few moments surveying the available produce to decide what we wanted before ringing a bell (if we could find it). She has amazing produce, beautiful tomatoes (plum and beefsteak), peppers (Bell, white, purple, jalapeno), carrots, eggplant, corn, green beans, and many different potatoes, and onions. She also has some great fruits. By the time we decided we knew what we wanted, she had come down out of her house, and was wondering why we didn’t ring the bell. Our Romanian is as good as her English, but we got an amazing amount of farm fresh produce at an extraordinary price. 1lb beefsteak tomatoes, 1lb of carrots, 1lb of peppers (Green/White/Purple), A head of Savoy Cabbage, 4 ears of corn, 1lb of Italian plums, 2 green pears, and 2 red pears. Also, in the bag, she included some more pears, a few of her apples, some more Italian plums, and two jalapenos, all for $17.00. We had two HUGE bags of produce, and I was going to need to look up on how to cook some things (Savoy Cabbage). She is amazingly sweet and friendly, and I asked how late was she open, in case we, or you would like to adventure out there. She is open from 8:00 a.m until 8:00 p.m. on the weekends. Mike and I hopped back in the car for our ride back to civilization. Once we got back to the Cobleskill area, we made a decision that instead of taking the highway back, we would meander along Route 7 East so that our views weren’t of tractor trailers and other vehicles. There were a few cute homes along the way, I found out where The Bears restaurant is, and made a note to go back, as well as a place called The Chuck Wagon Diner, that when we passed it, the smell in the air was amazing.

It was another great day with the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with. On these adventures, there are always great conversations, from heavy to light hearted, and a lot of them end with a laugh. There is great music through either the iPod or the Sirius Satellite radio, and occasionally a sing along. I always get home rested and relaxed. I had planned on taking pictures of our haul when we got home, but I was tired so I just rinsed everything, and placed them in the appropriate storage compartments.

Next Upcoming Adventure… A Saugerties Garlic Festival!

Author: badboyloki

Well, I have read some pretty awesome blogs, and thought I would join late in the game. I am an amateur photographer in Upstate New York (Capital Region), who works in the Mental Health/Substance Use field as a Complaints & Grievances Coordinator. I have a pretty amazing family and friend unit, and have a great time enjoying their company, checking out new places to visit, and or eat. Like most people, I seem really extroverted, however there are times I lack the confidence to get up off the couch and be a part of the world, especially when the days are grey and gloomy.

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